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PSVITA charging problems

Hi all.

Just got my Vita from Japan, played for an hour or 2 straight out the box no probs.

It said low battery so plugged it in to charge it. All fine, the charging light came on.

Now it just has the battery pic with a line through it flashing for several hours, the red light is on which I think means its charging.

But I can not turn it on.

It does not seem to be charging at all.

Any help, please I am worried.
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Re: PSVITA charging problems

Its still not working

Seems to be a common problem.

Someone said after leaving on charge all night it worked in the morning, I will try again tomorrow.

Someone else said unplug it, so the white bat indicator stops flashing and it has run out of power completely, then try again to charge it.

Anyone else had problems with their PSVITA?
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Re: PSVITA charging problems


"To charge your PS Vita system, connect it to an electrical outlet as shown below using the included USB cable, AC adaptor and AC power cord. While the system is charging, the PS button lights up orange. When charging is complete, the light in the PS button goes out."


Well my PS button is red not orange, but that may be a matter of opinion. My wife says its reddy/orange.


Then Sony says "When the PS button blinks orange during charging, the battery charge is too low to turn on your PS Vita system. Wait until the PS button stops blinking and lights up orange before turning on your system."


Well it did flash reddy/orange to start with. Ok not enough power to turn on. But after around 5 hours of charging it is just reddy/orange now. It still will not turn on.


Then Sony says

"Approximate charging time

The following table gives the approximate charging time for your PS Vita system when the battery has no remaining charge.

Charging using the AC adaptor Approximately 2 hours, 40 minutes

Yeah right, been waiting 2x that and still not working.
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Re: PSVITA charging problems

Try press and hold the power button for approx 5 seconds?
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Re: PSVITA charging problems

press the power button for 60 seconds

yes i meant 60 , SIXTY

after done , release and again press it for 2-3 seconds

and then report back here
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Re: PSVITA charging problems

i left mine overnight to charge.

and hold power button for as long as it powers on.

or try the advice the bro gave above me.

shudnt be a problem, dun worry

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