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Post Stryateg - medieval turn-based Strategy/RPG game demo

Stryateg a medieval turn-based Strategy/RPG game which provides more than 60 quests with a variety of locales in over 20 unique levels. There are four characters that the player can choose. Each character starts with their own special skills and spells, with a total of 80 magical items to collect and use. The colorful hand drawn graphics bring to life over 40 enemies that the player will face. The original medieval music is performed by historical music groups Psalteria and Krless.
grab the demo from :

PC version ~ 12.98MB
Mac version ~ 16.06MB


no comments on this title yet, looks like a clone of Disciples or the HoMM series. anyways again if anyone is up to giving this a go, do leave your comments please. thanks.
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Doesn't look anything near fantastic to me, nevertheless I like TBS games so I'm dling this now


Ok tried it out. Here are my comments, they may come off as a bit harsh

For a small-budget game, it is definitely sub-par. As a game on its own, ceteris paribus, it is a pathetic excuse to pass off as one. The tutorial was okay, but there are just too many words, and I was lazy to read them all. The one thing I hate about tutorials is that they're complex for no apparent reason. It's like they're put there for filler. The interace wasn't hard to figure out, to begin with, but the tutorial was just...irritating. Though the interface is okay, the miscellaneous things like movement of the map was just damn annoying. It's not just nitpicking; there is no diagonal movement, and there is sometimes a pause when you place your cursor at the edge of a map before it moves. This really makes the game an annoyance to play

User interfaces do not make a game right? So the game has to be good then?


Let's begin with the graphics. Simple graphics are fine with me. Most indie companies create games with simple graphics. Spiderweb software had Avernum, whose graphics resembled the first few Ultima games ie. tiles and tiles of bitmap images that come in reptitions. Then there was Spaceward Ho which almost had zilch gameplay graphics (not counting the menus), but it was...well quite fun for a while. Styrateg just pissed me off. The bitmaps/images used are acceptable, but on the whole, it doesn't work out. The game feels very restrictive because there's no open space for your heroes to run around on. Trees and mountains act like barricades than natural monuments of beauty. Even in Heroes 1, the game felt lived in because the map just looked gorgeous. In Styrateg, the trees and mountains look like they were placed there as an afterthought. As if this wasn't bad enough, there are NO animations, I repeat, ZERO/NADA/ZILCH/NON/NULL animations. Never mind that, I tried to play on, hoping it would be better.


The game is b o r i n g. This is nothing like Heroes, Age of Wonders or Disciples (which I haven't played yet). While the former games have 2 separate sections - 1 for exploring and 1 for combat - Styrateg combines both of them. Normally, this wouldn't be such a bad idea. I mean Archon did something like this. So did Fallout. What makes this so bad is that, along with zero animations, the combat is just a point and click affair. Even the point and click is a chore. We've seen in games like Diablo how PNC can be fun, but here it really just drags the game down. To move, you have to click on your character, then click on an unoccupied spot. Sounds simple enough? The developers thought it was, and decided to make it more complicated by making it such that clicking does not always give you a response in-game.

Maybe if combat was a little more fun, then it could offset the exploration problems and redeem itself...sort of. I think developers have common, funny mindset. They go 2 extremes: either make something too complex or too simple. Here, our developers decided to go to the extreme right. Again, with the lack of animations, it really really ticked me off to attack an enemy. First, you have to walk in front of him. No auto-walk-then-attack like in Heroes. That's strike one. Then, your character proceeds to whack the monster. Wait, did I just say he whacks the monster? I'm sorry, none of that happens. Instead, you hear the sound of swords cutting, and a few numbers, and a few messages indicating what happened in the text box below, and that's about it. Then it's your turn again, and you keep hacking away...I mean clicking away until you kill the monster. Yep, combat takes place with exploration. Unlike games like Heroes, you can't recruit 'monsters' too, but this is how the game's supposed to be so I can't fault it. As it is though, combat is really...boring. Imagine my excitement and joy when 5 undead thingies attack...I mean bump into my hero and cause my hero to die, and my other heroes finally killed the undead. Ah yes, the joys of gaming.

Last but not least, the sound. That music was professionally done, I'll give the musicians credit for that. However it does NOT work that way in-game and became such an earsore that I was ready to go out and find a chao ahbeng to beat up. The sounds are just irritating too. After hearing the same sounds for the 10th time, you really...want to hit your head

As an indie game, I applaud the developers' effort. However, this game is not in the least worth buying, if for gameplay's sake. It's like watching re-runs of Barney and Friends over and over again. I'm going to uninstall it now, and you can't imagine my relief

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